The details below cover routes to Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland from the UK and Ireland.
For connections within Scandinavia itself, see the “Getting There” sections for each Individual country.


Flying to Scandinavia isn’t especially cheap. Lowcost charter flights do exist, but they’re few and far between and serve only limited destinations; more Information follows, and is available from the operators listed under “Packages”. Often the best startingpoint for the cheapest deals to Scandinavia is the classified sections in the Sunday newspapers {The Sunday Times especially), or, if you live in London, Time Out magazine or the Evening Standard. Failing that, go straight to a discount flight agent like STA Travel or Campus Travel (addresses below); they specialise in youth flights, and generally have good deals if you’re under 26 or a student, as well as ordinary discounted tickets if you’re not. It’s also worth trying the major scheduled ‘UnesBritish Airways. SIS(the airline of Denmark, Norway and Sweden) and Finnair since seasonal deals mean that the cost of an APEX ticket from one of the airlines is often the Mme as the fare you’ll be quoted from an agent. I here are, however, the usual APEX restrictions: you have to book seven (or sometimes fourteen) Mys in advance, stay at least one Saturday night abroad and you have no option to change your flight. It’s not really worth shopping around the major airlines since the APEX fares at least are matched.


However, if you are under 25, ask about the availablility of youth fares, which should save you a few pounds. If you don’t live in London, bear in mind that a number of smaller airlines offer good deals from different regional airports; full details are given below. Worth considering also is a package deal, particularly if you’re clear on where you want to go and intend to stay for no more than a week; city breaks, particularly, can work out very good value. Again, full details below.


Between them, British Airways and SAS have nine to eleven flights a day from London to Copenhagen, a onehour fiftyminute flight; from the Midlands, Birmingham Executive Airways flies to Copenhagen twice each weekday, once on Sunday. If you’re keen to avoid Copenhagen, SAS flies twice daily (except Sunday) from London to Arhus (Ihr 40min), and it’s also possible to fly twice daily from London to Copenhagen and three times daily from London to Billund in Jutland with Maersk Air, who also have good domestic links within Denmark. SuperAPEX return fares to Copenhagen and Arhus are currently €135-140.


British Airways and SAS have several daily flights from London to Oslo (2hr), and also daily flights to Bergen (2hr) and Stavanger (Ihr 40min direct, up to 4hr via Copenhagen). Fares and booking regulations change throughout the year, but for the cheapest fares you’ll generally need to book at least one week in advance and stay a Saturday night; current returns are around £140-170.

SAS also flies direct from Manchester to Oslo for a return fare of around €180. Several new operators have emerged over the last couple of years, though it’s difficult to know how well they’ll fare in the future given their limited routings. If you’re heading straight for the fjords.

Air UKnes from Stansted via Aberdeen to Bergen and Stavanger for APEX fares of around €200-220 flying direct from Aberdeen saves around €20, and Air UK can also arrange? Air UK, Liberator Road, Norwich (reservations on «0345666 777). Usually one flight daily from Monday to Friday from StanstedAberdeen to Stavanger and Bergen, with regional connections from Norwich, Edinburgh, Humberside and Teeside. И в AS ICS Bimingham Executive Airways, Jetstream House, Birmingham International А1фог1, Coventry Road, Birmingham (e021782 07111. Birmingham to Copenhagen twice each weekday, once on Sunday; onward connections to Oslo. Braathens SAFE, Newcastle International Airport, Woolsington, Newcastle upon Tyne NE13 («091214 0991). One flight daily (except Tues and Sat) to Oslo and to StavangerBergen. British Airways, 156 Regent Street, London W1 («081897 4000]. London to Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki; Manchester to Stockholm and Copenhagen. City Air, London City Airport, King George V Dock, Silvertown, London E16 («0345700146). Twicedaily (not Sat) flights from London’s City А1фог1 to Stockholm; may reintroduce flights to Malmo, too. Raaair, 14 Clifford Street, London W1 («071408 1222). Londonto Helsinki. UaerskAir, Terminal House, 52 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1 («071333 0066). London Gatwick to Copenhagen and Billund. SAS, 5253 Conduit Street, London W1 («071734 4020). London to Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Arhus.


Transwede, 209 Edgware Road. London W2 («071706 2520). Three daily flights (one Sat) to Stockholm, with connections on to Malmo, LuleS and Umel DISCOUNT FLIGHT AGENTS Campus Travel, 52 Grosvenor Gardens, London SWl («071 730 3402). Also with branches in Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh. STA Travel, 86 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 («071937 9921). Also with branches in Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford and Manchester. Travel Cuts, 295 Regent Street, London W1 («071255 1944). connections to Aberdeen from other regional airports like Norwich and Humberside. The Norwegian airline Braathens SAFE has initiated flights to Oslo from Newcastle (around €180 APEX return) and also flies direct from Newcastle to the fjords, to StavangerBergen, for around €170-180.


Scheduled fares to Sweden are fairly standard. British Airways and SAS fly several times daily from London Heathrow to Stockholm (2hr 25min) and Gothenburg (Ihr 55min). Cheapest return fares are from around ?180 and ?160 respectively, and again usually require that you book at least a week in advance and stay one Saturday night. Other airlines flying to Stockholm include Transwede, departing daily from Gatwick for APEX fares of around €180.

Or try City Air, which has two daily services (not Sat) from London’s City Airport to Stockholm for an APEX return fare of around €180. You can also fly to Malmo with 54S(2hr 45min), though you’ll probably be routed via Arhus or Copenhagen. If you live in the north of England, or Scotland, SAS’s Manchester-Stockholm service could be useful; one daily departure with an APEX fare of around €180-200. First stop for charter (and cheap scheduled) flights to Stockholm should be Strata Travel (see Specialist Operators box), whose sumnner charters from Stansted go from around ?125 return.


There are four to five daily flights between London and Helsinki, a threehour trip; one of these is with British Airways, the others are Finnair flights. APEX return fares with both airlines are €220-240.


Taking a train can be a more relaxed way of getting there, though it doesn’t work out a lot cheaper than flying, and is even more expensive if you’re over 26. However, a number of deals valid for all the mainland countries make it possible to cut costs, especially if you’re intending to do a lot of travelling around once there.
One of the most popular if you’re under 26 is to purchase a BU ticket, which gives up to fifty percent discount on ordinary fares. Available through Eurotrain or Wasteels, these allow as many stopovers as you like and are valid for two months. You can follow a choice of routes to Scandinavia, and buy a ticket to more or less any reasonablesized town. Tickets are available either direct from the operators laddresses below), or from youth and student travel agents.
If you are under 26 but have no clear itinerary, the InterRail pass might be a better bet. Presently costing €249, It’s valid for one month’s unlimited rail travel throughout Europe lincluding the Scandinavian networks) and gives discounts on crossChannel ferry services.
Over26s can buy a 15day InterRail pass (€209) or a onemonth pass |€269). The passes are available from British Rail stations and youth travel agencies, and you need to have been resident in Europe for at least six months to qualify for one.
A recent restructuring of the system means that under26s can also buy a zoned InterRail pass, specifically for use in Scandinavia;
more Information from British Rail.
If you’re sixty or over, the Rail Europ Senior Card gives up to fifty percent discounts in most of western Europe, including Scandinavia. To obtain it, you must first have a Senior Citizen Rail Card (details from any railway station) and pay an extra ?7.50 at any British Rail Travel Centre or travel agent specialising in European rail travel.
Anyone thinking of travelling extensively by train might be wise to take the latest monthly Thomas Cook European Rail Timetable, listing every train and ferry timetable in Europe.


To Copenhagen, there’s a choice of three routes from London. The longest, via Harwich and Esbjerg, takes over 27 hours, and cabin reserva RAIL TICKET OFFICES British Rail Eumpean Travel Centre, Victoria btation, Undon SWI («071834 2345)«ra, 52 Grosvenor Gardens, London SWI W71730 3402).

There’s also a kiosk in Victoria nation, London, and Бжогтэл tickets can be ked at branches of Thomas Cook, Hogg ***, Pickfords TravBlani ATMa tions are obligatory; the others via either Amsterdam and Hamburg, or Ostend and Hamburg are around four hours shorter.
Whichever way you go, the ordinary fare from London to Copenhagen or Arhus is around €90 oneway (€174 return); the cheapest under 26 fare is currently €60 oneway. Wasteels sell Mini Tours: one from London, through Denmark to Copenhagen, and returning through Hamburg and Amsterdam, costs around €155.


There’s one daily departure from London to Oslo, going via the Hook of Holland, Hamburg and Copenhagen and arriving 34 hours later; the ordinary fare is €327 return; €248 return if you’re under 26. Under 26s can make even bigger savings by using an alternative routing, via Harwich and Esbjerg: this only costs €187 return but it takes a massive sixty hours each way.


All trains to Sweden from London go via Copenhagen, using either the DoverOstend or HarwichHook of Holland crossing; the journey takes 32 hours to Stockholm, 28 to Gothenburg, and ordinary return fares are €271 to Gothenburg (under 26s €187), €308 to Stockholm (under26s €232). Under 26s could also make savings by using the HarwichEsbjerg crossing and taking a connecting train via Copenhagen to Stockholm, which brings the price down to €189 return.


To Finland, all trains go to Turku and Helsinki, using the Silja line ferry link from Stockholm. From London an ordinary oneway ticket costs around €160, a shade over €100 if you’re under 26 (around €200 return).


Coach services to Scandinavia can be an endurance test, but are the best option for anyone on a tight budget and over 26. To Denmark, BB Travel UK operates from London to Arhus (€75 return) with three to four services per week during summer. There’s also a summer service every Saturday from London to Copenhagen, via Fredericia and Odense, operated by JCP Sally Express?S0 return. Journey times to Arhus and Copenhagen are around 24 and 26 hours respectively. National Express Eurolines also operate two competitive routes to Denmark (€58 one)


BB Travel UK, 12 St George’s Drive, London SW1 (e071834 7999). JCP Sally Express, 23 Bourne End Road, Northwood, Middlesex (Morbfri 911am only; «0923835696). National Express Eurolines, 52 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1 (w071730 0202); Birmingham («021622 4373); Manchester («061228 3881); Liverpool («0517096841).
way, €103 return to Copenhagen), and give small discounts (around €1015 off) to under 25s, senior citizens and students. Eurolines are also the best bet for coaches to the other Scandinavian countries: again there are small discounts for under25s. To Norway, there are twiceweekly departures to Oslo, via Gothenburg, which take 45 hours and cost around €180 return.


the twiceweekly coach reaches Stockholm in about 47 hours, for around €165 return; to Gothenburg takes 41 hours (around €145 return); to Malmo 37 hours (around €130 return). Finland Is 65 hours away: if you can take the journey, coaches run twice weekly to Helsinki for €120 oneway, €207 return.


Ferry connections from Britain link Harwich and Newcastle with Denmark, western Sweden and southern Norway. Fares aren’t cheap, but discounts and special deals can cut costs greatly. Scandinavian Seaways, for example, offer Seapex fares, which have to be booked at least 21 days before departure (and don’t allow travel in either direction on a Friday or Saturday). There are also up to fifty percent discounts on the basic fares for Senior Citizens, children from four to fifteen years old, students and railpass holders. Unless otherwise stated, we’ve quoted the cheapest possible fares below for a oneway passage with a cabin or reclining seat. Not surprisingly, all fares are usually at their lowest between January and March.


Scandinavian Seaways sail from Harwich to Esbjerg four to five times a week in summer, three times a week in winter, and the trip takes nearly 19 hours. During the summer they also make the twentyhour crossing from Newcastle to Esbjerg twice a week. There’s a oneway fare on both crossings of €115 in high season, though Seapex deals can bring the price down to about €175 return in high season, €99 return low season; at any time of year add on around €40 for your car.


The only direct service from the UK to Norway is with Color Line, which sails from Newcastle to StavangerBergen two to three times a week 20hr to Stavanger and 26hr to Bergen. Fares are most expensive from midJune to midAugust when oneway foot passenger fares start at €72 (reclining chair); summer car packages cost from €200 oneway for a car and up to four passengers. In the winter fares drop to from €42 oneway (fourberth couchette) for foot passengers. Taking a car costs from €40 each way, year round; motorbikes cost €9 each way; bicycles go free. Students receive a 25 percent discount on all fares. A more convoluted service links the Shetland Islands (Lerwick) with Bergen, a 12hour crossing that’s part of the longer IcelandFaroes ShetlandBergen route with Smyril Line. The route was suspended at the end of 1992, but there’s a possibility it might be reinstated: P&O; Scottish Ferries in Aberdeen («0224572615) can advise about the latest situation.


To Sweden, Scandinavian Seaways operates two routes: from Harwich to Gothenburg three to seven times weekly, a 24hour trip, and July and August only Newcastle to Gothenburg once weekly, a 26hour journey. Prices are from €88 oneway (€143 in high season) for a couchette bed, although a Seapex ticket can get you there and back for between €110 and €190 depending FERRY OPERATORS Color Line, Tyne Commission Quay, Albert Edward Dock, North Shields, NE29 6EA («0912961313).